So sorry for your loss! I cannot imagine the anguish you were feeling when he was in the hospital and they would not let you in! Terrible and uncalled for. I will share your story. You are not alone as I have read many stories just like yours. The million dollar question, when will these folks start to be held accountable? Where is the justice for the suffering families? I used to think the health care providers and political leaders had our best interest at heart. I don’t believe that anymore and will never comply with their ridiculous mandates. My body, my choice. Many people died for no reason other than it was their “protocol” even though it was proven to be ineffective. Again, I am sorry for your loss and pray for better days for all of us!

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Lovelace was part of the past DOD compliant hospitals doing radiation studies on beagles. None made it past a 1/2 normal life span.

Contacted Lovelace in mid 2020 regarding the successful outcomes in the Winthrop Hospital clinical trail (clinicaltrials.gov) on the use of HBOT and Covid-19. They, like all the other hospitals, Presbyterian, the Veterans Hospital had no longer any HBOT treatment facilities and UNMH had one but to my inquiries never used it for "COVID". The Indian Health Services never bothered to ask for one either.

Hypoximia is the presentment in as I recall some 12-15 % of patients. That ground glass opacity in lungs is also the major thing seen in bacterial pneumonia cases. Treated with HBOT, Winthrop Hospital in Mineola NY had in that study a 90% success rate on people already ventilated.

Numerous studies are out now showing the damages caused by the Moderna, Pfizer genetic therapy shots. Hope that she never promotes the shots. She should never honor her husband's last request. She could be giving somebody their death sentence.

As for Fauci's preferred protocol of the BIC complex Gilead Sciences Remdesivir (Velciury), that psychopathic sociopath knew the damage possible from its use and the misuse of PCR as a medial diagnostic tool (FDA never validated its Diagnostic use but only gave it an EUA). He signed off on the testing of it and ZMAPP during the drug trial for EBOLA. It was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and detailed the withdrawal of Remdesivir from the trial due to the unacceptable damage to kidneys. Man is a liar and a charleton and should be up for at least involuntary manslaughter.


A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Ebola Virus Disease Therapeutics

S. Mulangu and Others

N Engl J Med 2019; 381:2293-2303

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