Mar 28, 2022 • 59M

Ask The Nurses Podcast Maddie De Garay

Episode 71

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Maddie de Garay, was a participant in the Pfizer Covid Vaccine Trial for 12-15 year olds.  She suffered a severe systemic adverse reaction from her second dose on January 20th, 2021.  It’s been over a year and she isn’t any better, she is still in a wheelchair with an NG tube, with a long list of other problems. Her a

dverse reaction was reported as functional abdominal pain (aka a stomach ache) to the FDA.  

Adding insult to injury, she was initially treated at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where the trial was held, and they failed to provide adequate health care to Maddie starting from her first ER visit, which was less than 24 hours after her 2nd injection. The de Garay’s have not been able to find a doctor within any hospital system who is willing and able to treat Maddie once they understand her injuries are associated with her receipt of the Pfizer vaccine in a clinical trial.

Help Maddie De Garay get essential medical care 

Hospitals are denying her once they understand her injuries are associated with the Pfizer Covid vaccine

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