Jun 8, 2022 • 1HR 23M

Ask The Nurses Special Guest Todd Murray & Family, Newborn baby held hostage over Covid & Test

Episode 97

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“[The hospital] is quite clearly putting its politics over and above the well-being of its patients – and they will be held accountable,” says attorney Lindy Urso.

Your prayers, donations, and words of support have been a Godsend. We plan to take next steps in defense of our family and the many families who have been bullied into complying to "protocols" that do not put patients first. What kind of system threatens a mother (with 3 healthy girls and a husband of 23 years) with DCF action within an hour of giving birth to her first baby boy? This happened first because I rejected their dangerous antibiotics, and then they used a shady "Covid positive" test — even though I was asymptomatic — and refused to administer a retest. Luckily I was able to withstand the torture of non-stop sobbing, sleepless nights, constant worry for my baby, and threats from nurses, doctors and security personnel who were trying to evict me from the hospital without my boy. How many other postpartum mothers are unable to do so, lose their baby to "child protection" organizations, or wind up with a medically injured child at the hands of nefarious actors, nurses afraid of retribution and job loss, profit-seeking hospitals, and big pharma?

I am so grateful for my 4 healthy children. It is time I take a public stand for them.

Get the Full Story & Make a Donation at the link below:


Your donations will be going directly to legal expenses and business disruption expenses (we have a family fitness business at ResultsPlus.com that we had to temporarily close). We will also be launching a campaign to help other families protect their children and get through medical kidnap cases.

If you are unsure about the validity of this campaign, we would be happy to schedule a video chat to look you in the eye. Just send an email to newbornliberty@protonmail.com.

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