Aaron Dykstra a Nurse Practitioner at 'Functional Medicine of Idaho' is a child kidnaper. He had an infant taken away from his mother because they missed an appointment. Boycott this office until Aaron Dykstra is terminated. Bad people at Functional Medicine of Idaho. Not safe for your family.

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This is a very common tactic used by hospitals Doctors social workers.

Elderly patients are having the same thing done to them

Medical kidnapping is relatively a lot more common than u can believe

Fraudulent Guardianship

Are the same method of operation as child kidnapping by the state

Advocates for this family step up !

This corruption hates exposure

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Jan 25, 2023·edited Jan 25, 2023

I will back her up 1000000%%% everyday and make sure that the hospital regrets allowing a doctor like that to hold their license and practice medicine at their hospital. And by the end of all this… that hospital will have to make a decision I promise you!!! Strangers don’t have the right to dictate what you should do for your children and that’s what pretty much happened. God it hurt me to see that beautiful baby taken from her. We have to stay persistent and work together! They will eventually budge I promise!

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Mar 19, 2022·edited Mar 19, 2022

So functional medicine won’t even give vaccines? I have to keep a conventional pediatrician on so that I can get my kids those. I asked dr Brus about it and he said they don’t them. My kids are current patients so this is confusing.

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