This is devastating and I have long feared that this story is all too common. Why isn't anyone (except for a few brave doctors and nurses) sharing this information? My heart is heavy reading this today.

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This story is heartbreaking.. I felt sick to my stomach after reading it. My son is 33, and I tried to visualize myself in this poor mother's place.

I even tried to visualize myself as one of the nurses or doctors that participated in this young man's death. I couldn't..

If this would have occurred in early 2020, I could understand that "we just didn't know." This happened in Dec 2021.. Everyone knows. The medical staff know by now that Remdesivir kills or permanently injures more people than it helps..there are NO excuses for this. "I was just following orders" or "I was just doing my job" is ridiculous. Refusing a patient or caregiver the "right to try" is unforgivable.

What happened to these people's consciences? Are they completely dead? Have they lost all compassion for other human beings? It seems to me they have.

I think that this is a great separating work and people are being tested. Soul searching..looking into people's hearts to see where they stand. Where they draw The line, so to speak.

The nurses and doctors that have participated in murdering others for the past 3 years, failed the test.

I hope this mother continues to tell her story. No amount of money will bring her peace, but I hope she sues every single one involved and wins. Apparently losing money is the only way these murderers feel pain.

Rest assured.. if they aren't punished in this life, they will be in the next. May peace be with this young man and his mother. 😪

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My heart is heavy and my mind is spinning. This is not medicine. I have lost respect for those who practice inhumane health care. I pray for accountability and medical license and power to be stripped and prison sentences to be implemented. These blatant acts against humanity do not deserve a pass or cover up. Too many White coats were being filled with kick backs of greed and coercion…hence deaths and debilitating injuries did not need to occur. Why are good life saving doctors and healthcare still being censored and threatened in the USA? Why is the corruption of the 3 letter Agencies, media and our governing body tentacles so sinister, and powerful, they remain untouchable? Who is the head of the snake? So many stories like this, with no true justice. Feels like we are the United States of the CCP. No rights. No liberty. No freedom to choose proven life saving practices that were shamed, twisted and banned for men, women, elderly, adolescents. children, why? Criminal acts towards humanity with no accountability and it continues.

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💔😭💔 I pray this Mother receives justice.

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