Guys, thank you so much for sharing Sheila's story! I have known her for over a year now and she's such an exceptionally amazing woman. She is full of life and love and seeing her like this is heart breaking.

I have seen her injuries and the sickness as well as what it has done to her. Not only has our government and the medical community let her down, so have people in her life.

After multiple hospitalizations m, Sheila is currently in an assisted living facility in Minnesota. She has been chronically I'll and she feels like she is dying slowly. Her health and life is being taken away as well as her freedom to be independent. Because the medical community will not help her how she needs to be properly and without gaslighting her, she has been left to sleep on a blow up air mattress on the floor with no furniture, barely any clothes ehile they take her entire social security check with no money left for paying her car payment, car insurance, medication or treatment.

She desperately needs help, compassion and support. Please consider giving whatever you can to help her so she can get her own place again, medical treatment/medication/supplements whichever she needs in order to get better so she can be happy, healthy and independent again.


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