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Oh dear Sweet Jesus, thank You for saving and restoring this man back to life! Thank you Mark Whisler for sharing this testimony!

Please allow me to share my testimony. In January of 2020, my 65 year old husband started getting sick with what he felt was bronchitis, which he gets every couple of years. He started getting diarrhea very early one morning before I woke up. He passed out as he was headed to the bathroom. He fell down and his head put a big hole through the wall! I woke up confused and did not see him. I found him unresponsive with his eyes wide open on the floor in the hallway, with his head bent forward. I thought he surely must have a fractured skull and/or a broken neck!

I called the squad and he started coming to when they arrived. He was diagnosed with covid and blood clots in his lungs. (He has bad veins in his legs, which I am sure contributed to this. But between him and his doctor, nothing has been done about this). But thankfully, no broken bones! I was not allowed to visit him. Among other things, he was put on Remdesivir. This was before I knew anything about it. About the third night while he was in the hospital, I got a strong impression in my head. I saw a picture of what looked like the Grim Reaper standing in the hallway where he fell. I knew that it must be the spirit of premature death! I knew that since Jesus and the Holy Spirit are inside of me, I needed to command it to go, so I did! The next day, the nurse told me that they thought he would be able to go home by the weekend! They had not been able to tell me anything hopeful before this. The next day after this, he was discharged home! (This was on January 20, Inauguration Day!). One month later, he was back to work full-time, after I gave him healthy home cooked meals and various supplements that I heard would help. (But we did not have HCQ or Ivermectin). He still works full-time, hoping to retire soon, based on our ability to get some major home repairs done.

I do believe that before this plandemic started, back in November of 2019, the Lord told me during a time of prayer, "Buckle up, bumpy road ahead! But don't be afraid. I will protect you and your family." I thank the Lord for His protection and guidance throughout this very trying time. God is so good! And Mark, we declare that the Lord will continue to heal you to completion! God bless you!

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