Boise, Idaho
Prominent Physician Preys on Team of Caretakers Forcing Them to Disclose Personal Traumas
Ants Crawling on Patient’s Face and Legs and Severe Bed Sores were Just Samples of Hospital’s Neglect and Abuse
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First Time Husband is Allowed to See His Wife After 25 Days in the Hospital, She is Ventilated and in a Coma
Patient has 50% Oxygen Saturation After Being Starved of Oxygen by Hospital for Seven Days
Hospital Gives No Updates to Patient’s Mother Unless She Calls Them; Also Intubates Him and Gives Him Remdesivir Without Her Knowledge or Consent
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Hospitalized Patient Told to Stay off His Cell Phone Because it is “Messing with the Oxygen”
Patient Worsens When Walmart Pharmacist Refuses to Fill Ivermectin Prescription!
After Receiving Moderna Booster, She Now has to Take Four Medications and Still Suffers from Spikes in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate, Brain Fog…
Husband’s Personally Hired Doctor Performs Autopsy and Indicates Cardiac Arrest as Cause of Death